Kahurangi International Theatre in Education
Te Whakangāhau ki Te Ao

International Market Entry

Kahurangi entered into the international market in: 

  • 1984 — Australia: Establishing relationships with the Aboriginal people of Australia
  • 1985 – Canada: Establishing relationships with First Nations people of Canada
  • 1990s — 2006 — Asia & Malaysia: Establishing relationships with New Zealand Trade and Commerce in Asia and Malaysia
  • 1985-2015 — North America (Canada & United States): Establishing relationship with Bess Pruitt & Associates (Bronx, NY) and Prologue to the Performing Arts (Ontario, Canada)
  • 2018 – Australasia & Pacific Islands: Established relationship with Princess cruise line and Holland America Cruise line
  • 2021- Rarotonga, Cook Islands
  • 2021-UAE, Dubai

Kahurangi has travelled its theatre in education programmes extensively in the international market and has been successful in developing and maintaining relationships in these markets.
The Kahurangi National Theatre in education touring programme provides the opportunity for Kahurangi members to develop and train in preparation for the international market.

The International Theatre in Education programmes are customised and tailored specifically to the international audience, this allows for cultural awareness and understanding between the Māori culture and the culture of the country in which Kahurangi is travelling to.

Kahurangi are Cultural ambassadors for Aotearoa, New Zealand and are manuhiri — visitors in the countries it tours.

Kahurangi firstly and foremostly acknowledges the indigenous people of the country in which they travel to, and that they are always respectful to the indigenous people of the land.